HIRC lacing


Non-mobile applications include permanent structures such as embassies, power plants or military headquarters that would be a prime target for hostile actions. The main threat to consider here are very large explosive charges - several hundred kilograms of TNT.


Composhield has developed and patented a unique technology for such applications: High Impact-Resestant Composite, or HIRC. Products based on HIRC technology are extremely resistant to blast loads and can effectively protect permanent installations with very moderate space claim.


The technology is based on a UHSS rebar pattern, laced with high-strength aramid fibers, that are embedded in a special cementitious matrix. Together this form a panel that exhibits very high-strength properties while being very ductile. This allows a HIRC panel to absorb large quantities of energy without breaking up or loosing structural integrity.

HIRC panel

HIRC panel

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