Ballistic threat

Ballistic Protection

Ballistic threats from hand guns, rifles, machine guns etc. is an ever present risk to military vehicles. Protection against different types of weapons and ammunitions is essential to maintain operational freedom in a hostile environment.


Composhield armor solutions can be tailored to meet any ballistic requirement and have been tested and certified independently for a wide range of threats:


  • Protection in accordance with NATO STANAG 4569 Level 1 to 5
  • Blast and fragment resistant

Composhield ballistic armor is covered by patents and has been developed specifically to ensure:


  • High structural integrity and stiffness
  • Superior multi hit capability

Composhield armor solutions can withstand multiple impacts from weapons fire, fragmentation and blast without breaking up and leaving the vehicle unprotected.


Composhield armor solutions are also resistant to high temperature and chemical agent, and have a high degree of wear resistance.


Actros armor

Composhield armor solution on vehicle

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