Composhield structural armor for mobile applications is based on high-strength and high-stiffness composite materials that incorporates ballistic properties. The armor component is derived from our Ceramic Polymer (CP) technology, which is also used for add-on armor.


For mobile applications the CP armor is reconfigured to better carry and absorb structural loads, whereby the armor panels themselves can be used as structural elements for sides, doors, hatches, etc., while still providing ballistic protection. Key benefits are:


  • Ballistic performance up to STANAG 4569 Level 4
  • Protection against fragments from mortars and artillery shells
  • High structural stiffness and strength
  • Excellent multi hit capabilities
  • Good resistance to blast loading

This minimizes the overall mass of the armor system, as no material is wasted on redundant system components. This renders the CP structural armor ideal for applications, where little mass and space is available.


Add-on armor panel

Add-on armor panel

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