Composhield / AMTANK


Composhield A/S started in 1996 as an internal research project in the company Giantcode A/S. From 1996 and until the forming of the company Composhield A/S, which stands for Composite Shielding, several project teams were developing new protection technologies for the future.


All efforts were purely put into research as the strategy was to develop unique patented technologies before any commer-cialization. All research was done in close cooperation with international universities, armed forces, as well as some of the largest global defense companies. 


Composhield A/S was then formed in year 2000 and has today seven patents and patent pending technologies and products. In 2007 Composhield A/S formed a joint-venture, AMTANK Armor LLC., togehter with American Tank & Fabricating Company, to serve the North American market.


Our strategic intent is to develop tomorrow's technologies for today's global market, with the main focus on strategic partnership and superior quality.


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